General Guidelines


* All star, school and recreation teams may perform their entire routine to music, but this is not a requirement. A cheer and music format is acceptable and will be assessed appropriately.

Timing Your Routine

* Timing will begin with the first note of music or signal that your routine has begun (e.g. cheer, organized movement).

* Organized entrances and exits ARE NOT PERMITTED. They will be timed as a part of your routine, placing you in jeopardy of receiving an over the time limit deduction.

* Routines are limited to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There is NO leeway for the maximum time allowed; therefore, if your routine is times at 2:31 you will receive a time limit deduction.


* Spirit Sports will provide spotters for the safety of participants when requested. However, your choreographed spotters must fulfill the spotting requirements stated in the NFHSA or USASF safety guidelines.


* The only props allowed in cheer divisions are signs, megaphones or pom pons. Signs must be utilized to evoke crowd response ONLY.

* Props must be placed on and collected from the competition performance area by the competitors and MUST be used during some portion of the routine.

* Stationary props are not permitted (e.g. props placed on or around the performance area for the purpose of marking space/formations).



* Penalty points will be deducted from your final score for each safety guideline, time, prop, or performance violation (e.g. not adhering to the USASF or NFHSA safety rules, over time, stationary props, etc.)