Dance Guidelines

Spirit Sports Dance Competition Categories

Spirit Sports dance division categories and descriptions are consistent with those of the USASF for dance.  These categories and their descriptions are listed below.  If you have further questions, please contact our Dance Director, Sabrina Tull at 865-777-6831 or email  Thank you!



A jazz routine incorporates stylized dance movements and combinations, formation changes, group work, and leaps and turns. Emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, control, body placement and team uniformity.



Poms must be used 80% of the routine. Important characteristics of a pom routine include synchronization and visual effect, clean, strong and precise motions, strong pom technique, and incorporate appropriate dance technical elements. Visual effect includes level changes, group work, formation changes, the use of various visual effects with poms, etc.



Routines can incorporate street style movements with an emphasis on execution, style, creativity, body isolations and control, rhythm, uniformity and musical interpretation. Teams may also put an additional focus on athletic incorporations such as jumps, jump variations, combo jumps, tumbling and other tricks. (Examples: Dance Crew, Krumping, Breaking, Stepping, etc.)



An Open category will be offered only when separate dance categories are not offered in an age division. A routine in this category may incorporate any one style or combination of styles outlined in the USASF category listings. All styles will be judged against each other in this category. Emphasis is placed on choreography, proper technical execution, visual effect, creativity, staging and team uniformity.



Routines will incorporate a balanced blend of jazz, pom and hip hop styles. Emphasis should be placed on overall creativity, routine flow and  the successful technical execution of the dance styles performed.


Optional Categories



Routines emphasize control, height uniformity, extension, toe points, timing and creativity within a variety of kick series. Fifty kicks must be performed in the routine. For a kick to be counted, at least half of the team must perform the kick. A kick is defined as one foot remaining on the floor while the other foot lifts with force at least one inch from the floor.



Routines combine the principles of jazz and ballet and emphasize proper technical execution, the use of flexibility, balance and mood. Routines are fluid in movement and focus on emotion that compliments the musical selection.



Routines emphasize the use of props or a variety of props. The manipulation of the prop must be the main focal point of the routine. Each team will be given 2 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to take down their props before and after the performance if necessary.



Production teams must have at least 20 members, and routines must emphasize a theme or a storyline. Routines may be any style of dance that is outlined in the USASF category listing. Production routines will have a maximum of 5 minutes to complete their routine.



Routines implement the principles of fall and recovery and/or contraction and release and weight sharing to express inner feeling as related to the musical or narrative piece.

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